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Pearl Dental: To Get you Rid of Dental Problems

From as simple as discoloring of teeth to the misaligned jaw, many people are suffering from dental problems now-a-days but only a few get the affordable and quality solution. Making it even easier for them, Dr. Aboobacker has provided a one-stop solution to get them the needed solution for their problems. From regular oral checkup to some complex aesthetic surgery, he has the right knowledge and equipment and thus can deliver the right treatment with ease. So if you too have been suffering from any such problem, it’s time to consult the experts! Visit now!


Get your Dental Health Restored with Ease!

Whether it’s just a slightly misaligned tooth or a missing one, such dental problems have always mattered and even affect a person’s looks. Thus, there arises a need of an expert to provide the quality restorative solutions to these problems and Dr. Aboobacker has just fulfilled that requirement. Being in the dentistry for over a decade and practicing on his own, he has gained the desired knowledge and experience and thus can get you rid of such dental problems by providing the best of restorative solutions. So if you too are in need of such solution to your problems, visit and book an appointment today!

Need Cosmetic Surgery? Seek the Experts!

Dental problems are believed to be the most sensitive and typical of al and can affect the person’s health to a considerable level. Thanks to the modern day techniques and technology, there’s a solution for each problem and cosmetic surgeries are easier to get. Dental veneers, implants, root canal and invisalign are to name a few of the cosmetic surgeries and where else to go for them when Dr. Aboobacker is there. He has been practicing dentistry for years and thus can execute the task with ease. SO don’t just wait! Visit and book your appointment today!

Wearing a Bright Smile is Now Easier!

Smile is that ornament which every person wears and can attract others without any complications but the modern day’s practices have degraded its quality. Coffee, wine or be it smoking, everything affects the teeth color and thus the smile. Dr. Aboobacker has recognized this problem and has come up with a feasible solution. Having practicing dentistry for years, he has a rich experience in the field and has his own methods to approach each problem. So if you’ve been facing the smile related issues, get them resolved by the experts. Visit, book your appointment and get the ever-needed white bright smile.

Got Dental Problems? Consult the Experts!

From as simple as the pale color of the teeth to some complex ones like misshapen jaw, dental problems can really make the life hard! They don’t just affect the health but also the looks of a person. Thus it gets essential to consult the experts about them! DR. Aboobacker is such renowned dentist in the Dubai who has a solution to each of your dental problems. No matter at what stage you are, he always starts from the ground level and take control of treatment to get you the healthier gums and teeth. Visit to book your appointment.