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Get Root Canal Treated at Pearl Dental!

Teeth are the sensitive and most important part of the body. They need constant care and extra attention to keep them healthy & live-long. Yet the dental problems are common & root canal is one of them. So, if you too are suffering from pain caused by root canal, it’s time to get it treated. Come to Pearl Dental and get the root canal treated in a painless way. The dentist, Dr. Aboobacker, is rich in experience & can handle the case with ease. Book an appointment, consult the dentist and get the best possible treatment to your root canal. Visit today!!


Need Dental Veneers! Contact Pearl Dental!

Dental veneer is basically a procedure of placing a metal cap over the surface of a tooth in order to provide protection from damage or to improve its aesthetics. Generally it takes three visits for a veneer to be done but, at Pearl Dental, we first check the present condition of your tooth and analyze if you really need veneers or it demands something else. So, as far the health of teeth concerns, you can be as less worried because at Pearl Dental, your teeth are treated by professionals with experience. To book ab appointment, visit

Pearl Dental Clinic: To Help you Smile with Pride

Teeth play an important role in defining one’s persona and what impression do they leave on others & thus it gets essential to take a good care of them. Pearl Dental Clinic is based at Business bay, Dubai and is a one stop solution for all your gum & teeth related problems. Not just the teeth whitening, other problems are also cured at Pearl Dental including canal treatment, crowns & bridging, veneers etc. So, if you’re residing in Dubai and got some serious dental problems, you must seek experts. Just visit, book your appointment and get treated.

For Teeth Whitening, Come to Pearl Dental!

A pleasant smile never fails to win hearts and to have that beautiful smile, teeth whitening is the easiest way. It takes much less time than it seems to be and can get you a bright smile ready for any upcoming event. So if you’re looking for a teeth whitening treatment, Pearl Dental would make a wise choice & provides you a range of teeth-whitening methods. Worried about safety? Teeth whitening is a painless procedure & is done by experienced professionals. So if you’re looking forward to get your teeth whiten, book an appointment with Pearl Dental. Visit TODAY!!!